Multiple Sclerosis and Rare Diseases of CNS Survey on Research Priorities

Following the Cochran’s request for “prioritisation strategy” and after a wide consultation, our Group decided to launch a “Priority Setting Survey” inviting patients and relatives, healthcare professionals  and Multiple Sclerosis Societies to identify research priorities to influence the direction of future research. 

The survey was carried out through a questionnaire.  The development of the questions was based on the instruction given by the Cochrane  Editorial Unit.

Fifty eight out of 295 reviewers and 28 of 55 MS Societies were successfully contacted, 7 editors and 8 consumers were also targeted for inclusion in the survey.

Twenty six out of 58 (45%) reviewers, 13 out of 28 (46%) MS Societies, 7 editors, and 5 of 8 (62%) consumers replied to our request of participation in the survey and sent us the completed questionnaire.

The priority questions selected by these participants have been converted into review titles Cochrane Priority Review list for 2015-16.